Why Investing In Outdoor Advertising Along With Online Marketing Is Important For Your Business?

The modern era has urged businesses to improve their strategies, and being digital is on top of all. However, as businesses are now all pushing online marketing, they shouldn’t ignore the power of outdoor marketing. Outdoor advertising can build and strengthen your brand in such ways that online marketing cannot. What about the thousands of commuters and pedestrians in all major cities? These are potential customers who you can reach outdoors as well as online. Widen your reach working with Plutus Media, a full service OOH agency offering billboards, bus ads, and more!

It’s impossible to forget New York City when talking about outdoor advertising as Manhattan and Brooklyn are the some of the most dynamic billboard advertising cities in the United States. This is due to their population, construction, and diversity of people. In this blog, we will discuss why outdoor advertising is important in this digital era and how investing in it can help scale your business. 


Why should you use billboards for your business?

Billboards are a great way to reach your target audience when they are not online. So this means when your customers are driving or walking, you can still reach them via OOH platforms such as bus stop ads, billboards, wild postings, and more! A loud and vibrant billboard on the highway is eye catching, so if a prospect drives past it 3 times in 1 week, this will potentially engrain your brand or message into them. This makes it more likely for them to visit or even Google your business. Billboards might seem daunting, but they are not always expensive, highway digital billboards for example could cost you as low as $4,500 for a month!

Build your brand

It’s human nature to see what’s happening in your surroundings, and eye-catching billboards in Manhattan or Brooklyn don’t allow customers to ignore them. Outdoor advertising helps you build solid brand recognition and familiarity. It’s because people are exposed to advertisements when they aren’t home, and most of the customers see billboards on a daily basis. Watching a brand advertisement daily will automatically create a brand familiarity in the viewer’s mind, and whenever they need a product you offer, their mind will recall your brand. Due to these reasons, billboards are placed in highly trafficked areas, so most people know your brand’s existence. The more wide spread your campaign is, the more impact it will have.


Customers are fond of outdoor advertising

Today’s market is flooded with digital advertising, and people love to see something uncommon. People spend their time on social media, and they see hundreds of ads daily. Due to this massive amount of ads, people are now getting annoyed. Most of them ignore the ads as soon as possible and move forward. 

In this condition, outdoor advertising is enjoying rapid growth and customer acceptance. According to research, customers have responded more positively to outdoor media as compared to digital/in-home media. That means if the billboard is aesthetically pleasing and customers can view it from their vehicle, they are more likely to read and respond to the ad and consider it an excellent outdoor experience. At Plutus Media, we can work with you to design eye catching billboard creative to make your campaign’s effectiveness even higher.


What about Guerilla Marketing

What is Guerilla marketing? Guerilla marketing is any marketing which uses unconventional and innovative techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product or brand. Examples of guerilla marketing are street posters, wall murals, and other forms of street marketing. Guerilla marketing can be very effective because it stands out from other forms of traditional marketing, such as Billboards, which some people may not pay attention to. What guerilla marketing really shines bright in is it’s ability to make pedestrians and onlookers take time to figure out what they are looking at. A great example of a successful guerilla marketing campaign is what Mcdonald’s did with this cross walk painting in NYC. Guerilla marketing, in simple terms, can be a non-traditional form of outdoor ads.

Freedom to customize

Outdoor advertising can be fully customized and directed to the target audience using the right strategy. However, there is a myth that outdoor advertising is not customizable to its target customers, but it’s not true. You can place your ad where you find your target audience; for instance, if your target audience is doctors or medical professionals, you can put your billboards near hospitals. Moreover, businesses need to consider the color palette while designing ads, such as if you want to place your billboard in front of a theme park, it can be colorful and fun; however, billboards near hospitals or professional buildings will be more pleasing if they are clean and designed properly. We can even create 3D print or digital billboards to really increase the WOW factor. 

Final Verdicts

Understanding the importance and value of outdoor advertising is as important for a business as the digital presence in this era. Outdoor advertising enhances your brand recognition, elevates ROI, and develops trust in the customers’ minds. Selecting the right place to install the billboard where your target audience can easily access it will help make your marketing campaign successful. Working with a full service billboard and OOH agency like Plutus Media means you get better value for your media buy plus a full suite of offerings like graphic design along with it!

Reach out to us to learn more about outdoor advertising and talk about how we can structure a campaign for you!