Why Outdoor Advertising Is Great For Your Business

The Plutus Media team is frequently asked what the advantages of outdoor advertising are over other forms of media (print, radio, television, etc.). To assist local business owners in understanding the benefits of Outdoor advertising, we’ve compiled the following “Top 8” list of reasons why outdoor advertising in NYC should be considered when developing your marketing budget:

Pros of OOH Advertising

You can have a flexible budget

Outdoor advertising comes in many forms; billboards, bus ads, bus shelter ads, and more. Business owners also have the freedom to choose quantity, meaning you can advertise of 5 busses for example or 50. Because of this, the budget needed for an outdoor ad campaign can vary. 

It has an immediate impact.

If someone is currently looking for what your company or brand has to offer and sees your advertisement, it can have an immediate impact on them. A prospective customer who sees your outdoor advertisement, whether on a billboard or a transit bus, may decide to stop and contact your company using the phone number, email address, or website listed on the ad. When it comes to outdoor advertising, especially in the 5 boroughs of New York City, making sure your ad is placed in the right location is critical, especially if you want it to make a quick impression on the buyer; they must be in a place where they can clearly see or read the billboard and the contact information.

It encourages impulse buying.

Outdoor advertising’s sole purpose is to trigger prospective customers to learn more about what your business is offering. An advertisement is strategically placed to appeal to emotions and the current physical state. Hotels advertise on highway billboards because people are tired after driving all night and are likely looking for a place to stay. This kind of advertising is used to reinforce the positive aspects of brand messaging while simultaneously creating a value promise that a person’s needs will be met.

Supports Community Transit Systems  

While the main goal of any advertising campaign is to enhance a company’s bottom line, one of the major benefits of transit and bus shelter advertising for values-driven and community-minded organizations is that the prevalence of ad revenue produced is funneled instantly back into publicly-funded transit systems to support their basic mission of getting people from A to B.

Transit Advertising

A Low-Cost Mobile Billboard – If you want to reach a large number of people with an eye-catching message that won’t break the bank? Transit advertising is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and recognition, particularly in billboard-free states such as Maine and Vermont.


Campaigns Coinciding with Juneteenth | JCDecaux

For example, this bus shelter ad above in Brooklyn engages commuters and drivers. Bus shelter advertising is one of the most popular OOH ads in the MTA.


People see them in the morning, noon, and night – If you know your target audience is within a certain geographical radius, there is no better way to get their attention than by advertising on a major highway billboard. One of the most significant advantages of billboards is that they are always on, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Builds Immediate Brand Awareness 

Unlike print, television, or radio advertising, which runs various ads in sequence, outdoor advertising offers advertisers the opportunity to reach a captured audience with an upscale, uncluttered message.

 More Value for Your Money 

Outdoor advertising costs between 6 cents and $8.99 per thousand impressions (CPM). When compared to other forms of advertising media, which start at $8.99 per thousand and can reach $58.00 per thousand, it is easy to see why out-of-home (OOH) is considered high value at low cost.

Many marketing agencies consider outdoor advertising as the most important part of your marketing strategy in Brooklyn. Plutus media is one of the most reliable and qualified marketing agency for planning and implementing outdoor advertising campaigns.  You should consider contacting Plutus media if you are looking for outdoor advertising.

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