Benefits of MTA advertising & public transportation advertising

When you are looking to target a wide range of demographics, outdoor advertising is a great road to take. When deciding which form of outdoor placements is best for your brand or business, public transportation advertising, is a prime option. Why? Print ads on buses and other vehicles and bus shelters and railway stations in cities like Brooklyn or NYC, are an important medium for reaching diverse groups of people. People of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels use trains and busses. Using MTA advertising, you are reaching out to families and professionals in their cars, students out shopping or on campus, and tourists looking for information. You get a range of options, from bus back advertising to subway platform ads in NYC. Plutus Media offers a full range of public transportation advertisement spots, including all of the MTA’s placements.

Why Use Transport Advertising?

  • It can’t be stopped.
  • It is impossible to ignore it.
  • No one can turn it off like TV or radio.
  • Large, colorful, innovative designs attract attention.
  • Transport ads reach a huge audience.
  • It offers the flexibility of ad size and location.

MTA Advertising Options:

  • Bus side & bus back advertising
  • Bus shelter ads
  • Interior MTA bus cards
  • Train wraps & interior train advertising
  • NYC Subway platform advertising
  • Amtrak, Metro North, and LIR advertising available as well!

You Just Can’t Be Ignored!

Transport advertising in Long Island has a magical quality to it. Your target audience will be unable to avoid your advertisement by changing channels or fast-forwarding like they do with TV. Furthermore, while a person is seated on a train or a bus, it is nearly hard for them to ignore your advertisement because it is always right in front of them!

They All Are There; You Just Need To Grab them!

With transportation advertising, you may reach a diverse audience of all ages and financial levels. Depending on your product or service, you can also target families, tourists, professionals, or students.

You can choose the vehicle to display your adverts by examining commuter demographics. If you want to reach a large number of commuters, for example, you can choose a train or bus that carries more passengers every day.

Long Exposure!

One of the most obvious benefits of a transit advertisement in New York Brooklyn is this. A typical public transportation trip lasts 30 minutes, during which passengers have nothing else to do and nowhere to go. They spend their time looking at the adverts that are displayed around them. Your advertisement has a better chance of being seen over a longer period. This is why MTA ads tend to be seen more, resulting in a higher recall value. These “moving billboards” aren’t simply for addressing riders. You get to also target pedestrians who walk past bus ads and bus shelter ads while shopping in Queens.

The frequency at No Extra Cost!

According to the report of most outdoor marketing agencies like Plutus Media, most regular commuters taking the LIR in Long Island take established routes at set times in buses or trains, which means they’ll see your ad multiple times. If someone takes the same subway, bus line, or train twice a day, your ad might be seen at least 20-25 times in a month! The more exposure your ad receives, the more likely it will leave a lasting impression on their minds, therefore delivering your aim.

You Can Be Just In Time!

When going shopping, many people take public transportation. Buses carrying your advertisement along the route of a particular retail area may assist in making your ad timely and appropriate to attract the attention of such people.

Try advertising your business on NYC’s vast network of public transportation

A one of most trusted marketing agency Plutus Media’s expert says that transport advertising was once ignored by advertisers due to the perception of who the bus rider might be. Was the target market someone who couldn’t afford a car? Climate change and environmental, as well as the popularity of programs like Park-and-Ride, have encouraged a wide range of business professionals, teachers, college students, and other sorts of workers to park their cars in mall parking lots and take the bus to and from work. It saves them money on parking and wear-and-tear on their automobiles, and it allows them to review material for a morning meeting, study, or simply rest and collect their thoughts for the hectic day ahead.


You can reach a wide range of individuals by advertising on the more typical exterior signs, as well as some extremely upmarket consumers on the inside of the bus. Exterior bus signs, which come in a variety of designs and sizes, broadcast advertising messages to thousands of motorists and pedestrians. Buses drive to retail malls, universities, business districts, amusement parks, supermarkets, theatres, and convention centers in cities and outlying suburban areas. Your moving messages will be seen by local customers as well as visitors to your area.

Bottom line, if you are a business in any of the 5 NYC boroughs, public transportation advertising throughout the MTA network can greatly benefit your business. Reach out to Plutus Media outdoor reps to start building your campaign. Plutus Media is a full service outdoor advertising agency.