Wheat Pasting Ad Campaigns In NYC. Street Posters Available In All 5 Boroughs.

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Street Posters / Wheat Pasting Agency In NYC

Plutus Media offers Wheat Pasting campaigns in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. Wild posting or wheat pasting is a guerilla marketing method using street posters to advertise your brand or message.

The biggest benefit of choosing wild posting for your next ad campaign is that you can get exposure in neighborhoods that lack traditional outdoor advertising placements such as billboards for example. Wild postings are eye level and generally unobstructed from people’s view. All of this combined makes wild posting campaigns a great option when considering outdoor advertising for your brand or event.

How long does a wheat pasting poster campaign take to go live? The turn around time on a wild posting campaign, from final artwork to having posters live on NYC streets is 1 week or less!

How much does wheat pasting cost? Campaign pricing is based on several factors such as poster quantity, poster size, amount of locations, among other variables. For an accurate quote, please reach out to the Plutus Media team.

Our team of outdoor advertising experts uses demographic mapping software to pin point what neighborhoods and streets in NYC will work best for your goal. Whether you are looking to target a fashion forward consumer audience as seen in SoHo or a lower income audience with the goal of hiring in mind, guerilla poster campaigns can work for you!

We offer wheat pasting posters in the following sizes…

To learn more about our wild poster pasting or to begin planning your advertising campaign, please reach out to our team.