Website Design / Website Development

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Plutus Media’s website design & development team is skilled in building modern websites on various platforms such as Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, Laravel, and more. We have built websites for clients in a host of different industries, from medical to automotive, and beyond. 

We build websites with the goal of ranking our clients high on Google search results. Because of this we prioritize speed, function, and user experience over just looks. Many website developers in NYC may trick you into working with them by presenting great looking websites, but if the website does not help you rank on Google, then what is the point. Afterall, you shouldn’t build an oasis in the desert without any roads leading to it. What does that mean? It means, don’t get fooled by how a website looks, think about how it functions.

Website Design & Development Services:

  • Website Design Based On Existing Branding Or New Branding
  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce Website Development
  • Redesign Of Existing Website
  • Website Maintenance and Updates

You Own Your Website!

Unlike old school website developers, we will never ask to host your website or own your domain. We work with your hosting provider, such as GoDaddy, to properly set up and maintain your website. This way you do not feel like we are holding you hostage.