Outdoor Advertising For A Local Business

Many companies and businesses demand substantial foot traffic areas, spaces, and outdoor advertising spots. It is because OOH helps in the development and acquisition of brand recognition. According to the latest survey, 98 percent of people see outdoor billboard ads daily or weekly. Half of them stated that outdoor advertisements influence their purchasing decisions.

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, understanding outdoor advertising and why it is essential for your company can help you improve your marketing and sales efforts.

Plutus Media is a full service outdoor advertising agency in New York offering media buying for all out of home placements ranging from billboards to bus advertising and more!

What Is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising is perhaps one of the oldest advertising methods for large or small businesses. This is any form of business promotion that occurs outside of a brick and mortar location and away from online marketing. An example of OOH advertising is a billboard with your brand messaging overlooking the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn or a bus tail ad in Queens.

Another example of outdoor advertising is running a ad campaign on the back of MTA busses throughout Brooklyn. This is great since both pedestrians and drivers in traffic see your ad right in front of them!

Importance of Outdoor Advertising for Businesses

Every day, people spend a large amount of time outside their homes for various reasons. It could be anything, such as commuting to work, driving children to school, visiting family or friends, or going shopping. In this regard, outdoor advertising is an excellent way to target people on the move.

Outdoor advertising agencies like Plutus Media can effectively promote services or products in specific geographic areas. Outdoor advertising effectively communicates the message to the intended audience and maximizes exposure. Outdoor campaigns are commonly seen on billboards and on street furniture.

Well-designed outdoor advertising can help you:

  • Improve brand recognition by displaying your company’s information appealingly and creatively. It aids customers in recalling the company’s name, contact information, logo, and, most importantly, services. Outdoor advertising is an excellent way of boosting any brand recognition strategy.
  • You can target your local audience based on your niche and industry; for example, if you run a collision center, you can set up a billboard on the main highway in your area. On their daily commute, it will remind them of your product.
  • Inform customers about the company and provide critical information even if buyers are preoccupied with daily tasks. If your company has launched a new service, you can keep potential customers up to date by broadcasting information throughout your home advertising.

One of the most effective aspects of OOH is its ability to attract attention. Advertisements can be placed in shopping malls, bus stops, gas stations, highways, and office buildings. In short, businesses can use any location with high foot traffic. High-quality display images and engaging design attract the attention of people quickly.

What are the Forms of Out-of-Home ads?

Print Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising plays a vital role in boosting the sales of a business. Usually, businesses use big posters, banners, or digital banners (LCDs) near malls, highways, and other crowded areas to target their potential customers.

Lamp Post

Lamppost advertising is one of the most widely used forms of outdoor advertising because it guarantees exposure in high-traffic locations. Lampposts allow advertisers to target their desired geographical location and specific consumers specifically.


Companies place banners and stickers inside subways, buses, trains, rideshares, and cabs to advertise their product and services.

Digital Outdoor Advertising

A digital billboard allows advertisers to modify their advertisements in real-time when needed. Businesses use giant LCDs to show their ads. Digital outdoor advertising is a mix of traditional and modern advertising.

Bottom Line

Outdoor advertising is still a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and all types. The important thing that makes outdoor advertising most successful is having knowledge of foot traffic in the surroundings. Outdoor Ad agencies like Plutus media enable the business to target potential customers, generate sales, and enhance brand credibility.