Online competition amongst auto leasing companies is at an all time high and thanks to the ever-changing landscape of search engine algorithms, SEO is becoming more and more complex to implement in car leasing websites. Combine all this with buyer’s reliance on the internet for their car leasing decisions, it can be difficult for car leasing companies to stand out from their competitors.

With these 5 Search Engine Optimization tips, car leasing companies can get a leg up on their competition!

Use Google My Business 

Google My Business is Google’s platform to manage your business’s Google listing. On this platform, you can make a host of updates to your business listing, ranging from info changes, photo uploads, and posting offers. Your Google listing is crucial in helping people find your business, understand it, and gain trust for your business. Properly using Google My Business will help your Car Leasing Company show up when people are looking for a business locally.

When creating a Google My Business, make sure to include the following information

  1. Dealership’s name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Your operating hours
  5. Your website URL
  6. Images from your dealership, such as your facilities, cars, and more
  7. A Dealership description, such as your history, values, and services
  8. Videos from your dealership, such as your team and inventory

Competitive Analysis

In order to outrank your competitors on search engines like Google and Bing, you must have a good understanding of what your competitors rank well for. Once you determine this, you can begin to implement these keywords and search terms into your own website. The higher volume and quality of these terms that you include in your website, the more likely you are to rank higher for them on search engines. An example of proper competitive analysis of car leasing in Brooklyn would be researching your competitors websites, finding terms that they rank for and you do not, and replicating through across your website. If your competitor ranks for “BMW leasing in Brooklyn” and you do not, this could be easily spotted via competitive analysis. Plutus Media prides itself in having the best competitive analysis of any marketing agency in Brooklyn! A great SEO company should always be performing competitive analysis searches on your businesses competitors in order to rise above the competition!

Create Quality Content

Search engines and humans share a few similarities, one of them being that they both prefer quality content. Your customer base will be more likely to find your business online if your website contains helpful and relevant content. 

You can start by creating a blog about a current topic within the automotive industry. These sort of relevant blog posts will funnel traffic to your website because it is informative and relevant. Many businesses make the mistake of filling blog posts and website pages with as many keywords as possible under the auspices that this will make a search engine happy. This is far from the truth, as search engine algorithms put their users first, meaning they prioritize content that is easy to read and informative. If the proper content strategy is used throughout your website, results will come.