Tips To Successfully Market Your NFT Project

Although Non Fungible Tokens or NFT for short are not new to 2021, the NFT craze has swept across the world over the past year. With technological advancements in blockchain technology and other crypto currency related sectors, the utility and popularity of NFTs has skyrocketed. This coupled with promotion from key influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Logan Paul, and Steph Curry, has sent prices to the moon! Bored Ape Yacht Club for example, a Generative NFT project of 10,000 apes, has a floor price of just under 40 Ethereum! With prices like these growing more and more common, a flood of new NFT projects is constantly entering the market. Higher competition makes it more difficult to set your NFT collection apart from others in terms of value. A good NFT marketing strategy will work in your favor. 

Plutus Media Agency has pioneered a NFT marketing service meant to set your NFT project apart from others in terms of value, community, and utility. By working with Plutus Media, your NFT can experience growth through influencer marketing, social media management and marketing, as well as a host of other services! By following these steps below, you can begin to bring your NFT value and holders up.

What is an NFT? An NFT is Non-Fungible Token hosted on a cryptocurrency blockchain, such as Ethereum or Magic/Arbitrum. This token lives on the blockchain, which allows people to verify ownership of it based on it’s prior transactions. Think of this as title insurance for a house, but in the 21st century. Typically an NFT has some sort of image along with it, which is why the craze of digital ownership through NFT’s is so popular now.

NFT Marketing Tips & Tricks 

  • Create a useful & meaningful Discord server 

    • Nearly every NFT project nowadays has a Discord, so it comes down to how your NFT’s Discord is managed and moderated! By allowing your community to positively interact and influence themselves, you will see natural growth in your NFT holders and floor price. Do not police your Discord server, instead, push the members in the right direction through positive reinforcement.
  • Keep your Twitter active and engaging 

    • Do not get comfortable with Twitter! Being inactive on this popular social media channel is a detriment to your NFT project! Twitter has quickly became the number one social media channel for the growing NFT community so being proactive on Twitter is crucial. 
      • Like, retweet, and comment to engage your community and the NFT community as a whole.
      • Run giveaways of your NFT
      • Interact with other NFT projects to gain the attention of their unique holders
  • Keep your website updated 

    • Do not let your website go to waste after you initially release your NFT. Keep on posting on your website as well as updating it! This will ensure your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is up to date and help your NFT rank high for key terms like “New NFT Projects” on Google.
  • Influencer NFT Marketing 

    • Partner with Plutus Media to reach a diverse assortment of influencers. It is important to get as many eyes as possible on your NFT art, and with the Crypto and NFT craze growing by the hour, it is important to reach diverse demographics. We at Plutus Media understand this, so we have partnered with influencers from industries ranging from sports to fashion and politics! 
  • Create content for all stages of the NFT buyer’s  journey

    • Your NFT project should have a long and clear roadmap. To keep up with your goals in your roadmap, make sure you create relevant content to present to the world every step of the way!


Growing your NFT project to new heights is a difficult task especially considering rising competition and exposure! To stay on top of things and make your NFT art successful, follow these steps above and partner with Plutus Media Agency to market your NFT project!