5 Benefits Of Direct Mail Marketing

As a small business owner in NYC with limited time and budget, it’s significant to choose the right marketing strategy that ensures an efficient response rate as well as ROI. For a small and local business established in New York City or Brooklyn, direct-mail advertising has proved a valuable option. 

Direct mail marketing is a form of communication where physical mail; postcards for example, are directly delivered to the customers’ mailboxes in a particular region. The mail comprises catalogs, menus, postcards, coupons, etc. Let’s take a look at the 5 advantages of direct mail campaigns. Direct mail marketing can be targeted via zip code, income, age, and even profession. 

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Easy to handle

Direct mail marketing is easy to manage as there are no bidding strategies, keywords density, or other complications that we usually face in online marketing. It consists of fewer steps, and the job is done.

As a small business owner, start it with selecting your target audience, then choose the product and start designing it. You can either create your own piece of design or can hire a mailing company like Plutus Media that will create unique ads with the help of their graphic design team and then schedule your mailing campaign. 

Low competition

Today’s world has moved to online marketing, and everyone is giving their whole attention to the digital world. In this case, with direct mail marketing, you can get an advantage of less competition as the recipient’s mailbox will not be cluttered. 

According to research, an average person receives 2 physical mail per day and 107 emails. So, here we can easily see the difference in how direct mail marketing can help businesses be noticed in the area. It will help you boost your brand recognition as people will get a reminder of physical mail whenever they see your brand’s logo.

Post card marketing targeting

It’s a bit more complex to attract your target audience in the digital world as compared to the physical. Depending on the insights of your customers, you can decide on which region you want to apply your strategy, whether Brooklyn is best or New York City. You can discuss your route with the mailing company and include or exclude whatever route you want. You can further refine your targeting by excluding/including specific types of addresses. 

Create trust and brand loyalty

Many people still have doubts about online ads, and they prefer direct mail. There is always a risk of scams in online ads; that’s why people face issues trusting online businesses and choose a company with a physical address. Reaching a potential customer with direct mail creates brand legitimacy in customers’ minds and enhances brand recognition and trust. It’s wise to use consistent colors and logos because recipients will recall your brand immediately whenever they see your logo again. 

Integrate mail marketing with digital marketing 

Knowing that you have an advantage in direct mail advertising doesn’t mean you can be completely absent from the digital world. Customers still want to know about you, and the first thing they will do is Google your brand name and read reviews. One of the most prominent things in direct mail marketing is that it pairs well with digital marketing. You can add QR codes and social media links to the mail so the customers can easily access it. Direct mail marketing brooklyn is a great option for reaching your target demographic at home.

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