5 Online Marketing Quotes To Kickstart 2022

Below we have gathered 5 Online Marketing Quotes meant to kickstart 2022! These are all super relevant, whether you are an online marketing agency owner or a business owner. There is so much to learn online about digital marketing, so hopefully these 5 online marketing quotes inspire you!

  • “Think about what the user is going to type” – Matt Cutts

    • Often times, when doing content copy writing, marketers think about what they would want to see on the screen. Instead of this, try to see your content from the reader’s point of view, because you do not always know best. People have unique perspectives, and with this, look for different information online. If you write from a user’s viewpoint, your SEO content will be more diverse, and thus more appealing to a wider audience online.


  • “Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.” – Erin Bury

    • Content written online can live forever. Even if deleted, you never know if it may resurface elsewhere. The internet is vast, remember that! With this in mind, when writing content on websites, blogs, or any other medium, be cautious and careful with what you put out into the world wide web. If you are a digital marketer and writing for a client, then make sure you are writing in the client’s voice with their mission statement in mind!


  • “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” — Tom Fishburne, Founder & CEO, Marketoonist

    • At Plutus Media, we truly believe that native marketing is king. What is native marketing? Native marketing is marketing that cloaks the product/service in whatever form of content or creative you are presenting. When you do this, your target demographic will be more engaged in the content, since they will not see it as advertising.


  • “There are three objectives for content marketing: reach, engagement, conversion. Define key metrics for each.” — Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group

    • Going into any marketing, especially online marketing, you should have your goals in mind, also known as your KPIs. Knowing your audience and engagement/conversion goals will help you with scaling your marketing campaign.