3 Reasons To Invest Into SEO 

    • Grow Exponentially & Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

    • Attract a more engaged audience through SEO

      • Making sure your brand is positioned in front of people who are actively looking for products and services similar to yours is integral in driving engaged users to your website. A more engaged audience leads to a more loyal customer base!
      • Investing into high quality search engine optimization means that your website will gain domain authority. What is domain authority? The Domain authority of a website is a metric showing it’s relevance for a specific subject area or industry. Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score essentially. The domain authority of a website has a direct impact on the website’s search engine ranking.
      • An example of getting more customers from SEO would be focusing on ranking locally. For example, if you are a business owner in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, then local SEO is a great solution for you. Adding location specific terms to your website like “Restaurants in Sheepshead Bay” will help your website appear more relevant to Google.
    • Good SEO and good UX/UI work hand in hand 

      • There is a clear overlap between a great google ranking and a great website user experience & interface. By investing into organic search, you are also getting a host of services meant to improve the experience people get when browsing your website. 
      • Part of the Plutus Media SEO package includes periodic updates to the website front and back end. This is to ensure that your website is up to Google’s standards, which serve to provide users with an easy and convenient browsing experience. Without an up to date website, SEO work does little to help your online rankings.
      • Platform as art is important to Plutus Media. If your website (platform) stands out, then any content and information on it will stand out as well. We offer website design and development across the United States. We have done website development in Dallas, Texas and all the way in Connecticut.